About Me


Getting to know a person always starts with learning what their passions are, what brings them joy and what puts a smile on their face. Here are a few of mineā€¦

I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter how you get there – just get there. I don’t need to sit in a pew to be in relationship.

If you’re like me, you SEE a picture before you take it. That’s why I never leave home without a camera close at hand.

Some people spend a lifetime not knowing why they were put on this Earth. Teaching is not only a passion, it is who I am.

I am fascinated by buildings. There’s always a story behind each one – the people who built it and those who inhabit it.

Taking 2 hours out of my life to suspend reality, engulfing myself with the character, the place, the story, the music, the heart. Yes.

Frequent floaters have their own unique perspective. Ports of call, wide open seas, and new friends from around the world. Yes.