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I started doing web design back in 1999.  When I lived in San Francisco, my friend Steven Erickson and I started a company called CardMart.com that ended up being bought out, and while we were working building that site, he was the developer and I ended up being responsible for the pretty pictures.

I learned in short order that that was the designer in me coming out.  I had no idea that I had such a drive to hone my craft in graphic design.  As I got deeper and deeper in it, this joy started bubbling up to the top.  I found that I loved being able to create images that would tell as story.  I guess that’s why I love photography so much.

I have said many times that if I have my way, I will be “drawing pretty pictures” as they care closing the lid on my coffin (a bit morose, but pretty damned funny if you create the visual).

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20 November

Web Design